Dear artistes, forgive my manners but lemme burst your bubbles this beautiful morning. There’s more to entertainment than being dope & releasing good songs, i’ve seen & heard upcoming artistes making some comments like “I good pass am, na opportunity, na just bcos he popular” in as much as some of these are true but the bottom line is you gone need more than being good to make it in this industry!
There’s more to the industry than being good, have you considered these???:
1. Networking?
2. Promotion??
3. Making moves???
4. Meeting industry big heads/bull dogs????
5. Building your fanbase
Don’t expect miracles to happen when you haven’t prepared a room for one, get your songs on radio stations, don’t wait for the day you hear free promo then u start running upanda like kangaroo. Last last some of the dope ones will never make it to limelight cos they feel they shouldn’t work hard!! Peace

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